Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Okay guys. I'm going to be moving and probably wont have the time to post on this too much. It was a fun run and I wish you bros the best of luck c: You can stop following me and have fun stalking others~

Monday, February 28, 2011


I had a crazy fun weekend. It was my going away party and a silly mall adventure with pokemon. It was the black and white tour. I played the demo and got all 3 of the plushies.
Mine are cuter, I just don't feel like taking a picture. I bought one, won one, and my friend bought me the other one. It was really neat. The party part got depressing though,. I'm moving to cali from Co and all my friends are pretty upset with me. But the pokemon was fun.

Friday, February 25, 2011

A Nightmare on Elm Street- Remake vs Orginal.

"In the dreams of his victims, a spectral child murderer stalks the children of the members of the lynch mob that killed him." The plot is pretty simple but terrifying. What if the things in your nightmares could hurt you? Even kill you, for me it was one of the most terrifying things ever seeing as I had nightmares every night. For a while I hated the movies due to how much they scared me..But around my teenage years I began to rewatch them, soon he became my favorite horror villain.
Mainly because not only was he pretty creepy, but he was full of puns. Just the best kind of puns there were. Such as “Welcome to prime time, bitch.” When he smashed a chicks head into a tv. Though his old make up didn't really make him look like a burn victim...It just made him look insanely creep. They did kind of suck the life out of the franchise as it just kept going like pretty much every 80's slasher movie there is, but thats okay. I fucking loved 80's movies. A child murder filled with bad puns and filled with evil

Then they made Freddy vs. Jason. I knew it would be pretty bad..His make  up took a turn for the worst and looked like a crappy slimy mask.  But it was slightly enjoyable, there were plenty of puns and silly kruger time. Then I heard they were going to make a remake..I was kind of excited because I'm a huge fan of freddy. Then I saw the commercials..and his new special effects..were just fucking awful.

...He looked like a fish. I know they were trying to go for the realistic burn victim thing..but I think he just looked stupid. I watched it anyways just to see what it was...And I was extremely disappointed. They completely changed who he was. He was no longer a child murder..They just made him a pedophile.  He no longer made bad puns or had fun with his job..All he did was molest a bunch of kids, take naked pictures of him and then killed them in lame ways in their dreams. Plus it was filled with so much CGI it just looked like total shit, the characters were boring and there was just nothing enjoyable about that movie at all.

In conclusion, people need to stop ruining classic movies. The remake sucked.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Book vs Movie review- Pet Semetary

Okay so I'm sure everyone has either seen the movie or read the book. Its a classic by Stephen king, and scared the crap out of me as a child.

So, if you don't know already the plot line is that theres a graveyard beyond the local pet cemetery that if you bury something that has died, it comes back. But once they come back they don't come back quite right. I watched this movie when I was about..7 or 8. It terrified me when I was little, I couldn't sleep for days. Then  I rewatched it as an adult. And was still pretty creeped the fuck out by it. Mainly because;

For an older movie, it has some pretty creepy special effects.  The movie was really fucking creepy, I'd give it a 8/10

Now I read the book as a kid too, but my vocabulary wasn't that great so I always had a dictionary to try to understand what they were talking about. So I read it a few weeks ago. It was still creepy, some parts were left out from the movie like all of stephen kings movies made into books, but some parts they left out weren't really that important. Though I do wish they would have added a few scenes with gage they left out...  But I give it a 7/10 (Like my opinion matters xD)  But I'd really recommend both of them.

Also, there is talk of a remake of this move, Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and Matt Greenberg are suppose to have a hand in screenwriting and such..I hope they don't fuck it up like they've fucked up other classics.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Scary Stories

So, I was at a thrift store in the book section and spotted a book I haven't seen in years.
I was filled for a moment with nostalgia, reading these books late at night with my friends creeping ourselves out...So of course I had to buy it, seeing as it was less than a buck.When I got home I began flipping through it and noticed some of these pictures were just..terrifying. I read these when I was a kid!? These are creepy to me now, how was I not scared shitless when I was a child?

Seriously look at that. Thats just some creepy shit, rotting corpses everywhere.
And I don't even know what that is but its still creepy as fuck.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Book vs Movie review- The Descent

"A caving expedition goes horribly wrong, as the explorers become trapped and ultimately pursued by a strange breed of predators."

Okay, so I saw the movie first. I wasn't too disappointed with it. The monsters kind of freaked me out, they were pretty creepy. I didn't really like too many of the characters but thats okay, its a horror movie you don't really want to get attached to any of them.I'd give it like...a 6/10. The chicks were all kind of stupid bimbos but thats what you get when you have an all female horror movie...There weren't even any tits.

Then, I found out there was a book, and the movie was based off it. Being the nerd that I am, I got super excited and went thrift store shopping until I found it.

In Tibet, while guiding trekkers to a holy mountain, Ike Crockett discovers a bottomless cave. When his lover disappears, Ike pursues her into the depths of the earth. . . . In a leper colony bordering the Kalahari Desert, a nun and linguist named Ali von Schade unearths evidence of a proto-human species and a deity called Older-than-Old. . . . In Bosnia, Major Elias Branch crash-lands his gunship near a mass grave and is swarmed by pale cannibals terrified of light. . . .
So begins mankind's realization that the underworld is a vast geological labyrinth riddling the continents and seabeds, one inhabited by brutish creatures who resemble the devils and gargoyles of legend. With all of Hell's precious resources and territories to be won, a global race ensues. Nations, armies, religions, and industries rush to colonize and exploit the subterranean frontier."

...Okay. I know its not possible, at all. The whole earth just being basically hollow is silly..But that is a badass plot. It's not just five bimbos going under ground and getting their ass handed to them, its a world wide thing.So after reading the back I was much more interested in the book than I was in the movie. Once I started to read it, it was just insanely graphic and had pretty good character development. Once I finished, it became one of my favorite books. Then, I pretty much hated the movie. The only thing the movie took was the monster design and caves. 
 They were pretty creepy monster..Much more creepy in the book.

I give the book a 10/10.  If you like to read action/adventure/horror books, this is an amazing find. I'd suggest you spend  few hours reading the book instead of wasting a few hours watching the movie.

Dead Island!

I Just saw the youtube video for the new game Dead Island.
It looks really awesome, but I kinda doubt it'll be able to live up to its trailer..Wish I still had an xbox now. Stupid dog had to get all depressed and pissed all over it.